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Now more than ever the world has demonstrated the importance of careers in science, technology and business. Professionals in the field of Engineering, Computer Science and Business Administration are leading the world in innovative ways.

You can complete the career of your dreams! For more than 55 years, the Polytechnic University, Orlando Campus has been on a mission to help you achieve them.

Many courses are offered in non-traditional formats to allow greater flexibility for students to complete their degrees.


Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office provides information to students and their families regarding the available financial aid programs as well as the application process and eligibility requirements.  Our mission is to provide accurate and clear consumer information to help students explore the different financial aid resources that can help them obtain the necessary funding to reach their academic goals.

Academic Offering

School of Engineering


Graduate offering

Master's in Engineering Management (MEM)

Environmental Management

Construction Management

General Engineering Management

Manufacturing Management

Project Management

School of Management


Graduate offering

Master's of Business Administration (MBA)



Computer Information Systems


General Business


Healthcare Management


International Enterprises Management


Project Management


Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office is primarily concerned with custody of the student’s academic record. Given the office’s mission of providing registration services, there are a number of related services that must be attended to that assure the integrity of the academic records and recording systems.


Bursar’s Office

The Bursar’s Office oversees the overall operations of student financial services, billing and receivables, and cashiering functions of the Orlando Campus.

Student Learning Center

The Orlando Campus Student Learning Center (SLC) is well-equipped for student use. Our mission is to offer the university community the best services of information to achieve the academic excellence and to develop leaders with the necessary skills that will allow them to serve the greater community of Orlando with competence. The SLC maintains computer-based, basic collections that are strengthened and supported by the Main Library in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which consists of over 65,000 volumes classified according to the Library of Congress Classification System. As part of its services, the SLC offer access to a Local Area CD Room Network, Internet, and other data base services. To help students develop information skills and become independent users/researchers, the SLC have a literacy skills program, as well as audiovisual equipment.

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Licenses and


  • Institution accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)

  • It is licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education (CIE). License # 3085

  • ABET



STEM University

The non-profit organization Excellence in Education that motivates Latino students to be interested in university studies, has selected the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico as one of the 25 most important educational institutions in the United States for studies in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Orlando Campus

The Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico Orlando Campus is a campus of the PUPR, which holds prestigious accreditations and is internationally recognized in the fields of Engineering, Computer Science and Business Administration.